Be Calm Honcho

Local indie group Be Calm Honcho will be celebrating the release of their debut album, HONCHO DREAMS, at the Rickshaw Stop next week.

The band combines styles that draw from their disparate backgrounds that range from Louisiana to California. Frontwoman Shannon Harney brings an elegant punch to the band’s sound, adding an edginess that makes the band stand out beyond other bubbly indie rock groups. Their music is calming and soothing, but still manages to deliver a sharp feeling that is clean, precise, and intoxicating.

“Always My Fault” is a eclectic digression from the rest of the album; it’s dreamy with sudden moments of electric wastedness that drift over you as you listen. “Each Day,” the following track, comes together in a dazed-out, washed-over manner. It sounds soft, smooth, and subtle.

Be Calm Honcho has a way of combining sounds that wouldn’t normally fit together, and meshing them into an exhilarating amalgam that has yet to be matched in the San Francisco Bay Area scene.

Be Calm Honcho, The SHE’S, Owl Paws
Rickshaw Stop
July 2, 2014
8pm, $10 (all ages)