K.FlayYes. Yes, we are.

Late Monday night, K.Flay took to Facebook to finally, officially announce the release of her long-awaited debut full-length Life As A Dog. The project was a labor of love for the rapper and producer (born: Kristine Flaherty), who finally split with RCA last fall after two years and recording 60 songs, but failing to see eye-to-eye with the label on how she should be about she should be packaged for the masses (spoiler alert: K.Flay had no interest in conforming to the mold envisioned by the folks at RCA, but she lost the rights to all of those tracks).

From the start, she was intent on doing this project on her own terms. Announcing in April that she’d be releasing Life As A Dog via PledgeMusic, K.Flay continued to foster what is already the very close and heartfelt relationship she maintains with her fans, not to mention her various collaborators.

The strength of that connection bore results in the realm of fundraising – she raised all of the necessary funds in six days and went on to raise 196 percent of her stated monetary goal. It also manifested itself at multiple times during the recording and mastering process, with Flaherty posting lengthy thank you’s to her supporters alongside regular updates from her journey, like in-studio pictures with engineer Patrick Brown (of Different Fur) and the folks at San Franpsycho that are hooking her up for her cross-country trek on the Vans Warped Tour this summer.

As one would expect, Life As A Dog is chock full o’ K.Flay’s brashly intelligent lyrical flow, which, coupled with her beats that frequently shift from airy and chill to deeply and darkly intense, make her one of the most unique acts (hip-hop or otherwise) to emerge from the Bay Area and beyond in recent years. From the first few lines of album opener “Everyone I Know” (“Everyone I know, everyone I know is sad. Smiling in a bad way but high off stolen meds. / Everyone I know, everyone I know has got plans. / But they all just play the keys in shitty bands.”), you know that you’re in for another dose of K.Flay’s often sharply cynical and sarcastic (but at times humorous) perspective on her world and the characters in it, and she delivers across the album’s 11 tracks and 44 minutes.

Stream Life As A Dog in its entirety below, buy it on vinyl via K.Flay’s website or pick up digital copies on iTunes, or Amazon.