Emily Wells at Rickshaw Stop

Cancel those tentative Friday night plans because Emily Wells plays Rickshaw Stop. In case you’re out of the loop, Wells has warbling and nearly operatic vocals, on-stage sampling, and is a hypnotizing violinist. A few years ago I saw her play in Pillowfight, a collaborative side project with Dan the Automator that they began after they were introduced by Kid Koala. It was my first time seeing the renowned hip-hop artist Dan the Automator and even though I’m a huge fan of Deltron 3030, my focus was entirely on Wells’ chillingly genuine performance. Since then she’s focused on solo work including an acoustic rendition of her debut album, Mama, while also writing the closing song “Becomes The Color” for the psychological thriller Stoker.

Thankfully for just about everyone, she’s on tour and headlining at Rickshaw Stop this Friday night. She’s sharing the stage with Li Xi, another odd pop band experimenting with vocals and bedroom psychedelia. Come out from your respective neighborhoods and see what the fuss is for yourself.

Emily Wells, Li Xi, Miles The DJ
Rickshaw Stop
June 20, 2014
9pm, $15