White Reaper (Photo by Cooper Burton)(Photo by Cooper Burton)

Louisville trio White Reaper not only just signed to local label Polyvinyl, they’ve also booked a show a little later this month at Thee Parkside alongside Young Widows (who is headlining) and Life Coach.

The White Reaper brand of lo-fi punk is disorderly, fast, and duly headlong. That much is reflected in their new self-titled EP, a turbulent 17-minute squall of fuzzy voices, psychedelic riffs, and coarse drums.

Young Widows, meanwhile, are their own force; the post-punk outfit is even more destructively-minded than their fellow Louisville-based band White Reaper. Remember to hold on to your head and dress light—you can bet you’re going to leave sweaty.

Young Widows, White Reaper, Life Coach
Thee Parkside
June 27, 2014
9 pm, $12 (21+)