Jesus Sons & Electric Magpie

Jesus Sons are rolling through Brick & Mortar tomorrow night to soundtrack your full moon Friday the 13th with grimy riffs and gravely vocals. Weaving the experimental underground of 1960s New York City with the easy rider vibes of the 1970s California, Brandon Wurtz, Shannon Dean, Bert Hoover, Erik Lake and Chance Welton wear their dusty layers of vintage influence like badges of honor. Their music carries in it the American mindset of combatting modern discontent with rock and roll, long motorcycle rides and generous amounts of whiskey and beer, and they encapsulate this attitude without pretense. If you’re looking for an antidote to the mad times we live in, one that’s equally wild and much more fun, come to Brick & Mortar tomorrow, June 13, and let these guys move you with some jangly tunes.

Tying together a lineup of West Coast rock and roll, Jesus Sons will be joined by The Electric Magpie, a San Francisco-based outfit driven by dual lead vocalists and a classically-minded psych rock aesthetic, and the self-proclaimed slackers of Portland’s Battleme, who will be headlining the night with their blend of audacious pop and modern rock.

Battleme, Jesus Sons, The Electric Magpie
Brick & Mortar
June 13, 2014
9pm, $7-10 (18+)