Cold Beat (Photo by Madeline Allard)(Photo by Madeline Allard)

Last month, Cold Beat announced the release of their debut LP Over Me, out July 8 via singer/bassist Hannah Lew’s Crime On The Moon imprint, and also dropped the album’s first single, “Mirror”, an uptempo indie pop gem that features an epic little solo from guitarist Kyle King. Now the band is back with a video for that track, which matches the music’s intensity and pace beat-for-beat.

Directed by Lew (who wrote “Mirror”, as she does all Cold Beat songs), the video was shot by Madeline Allard and edited by Renny McCauley. In it, the band’s four members are “musically communicating with each other via the modern era’s most obvious reflection of itself, the television.” The frenetic and fuzzy feel of the song is enhanced by the video’s focus on a group of throwback tube TVs with some reception issues. Watch it below, and pre-order your copy of Over Me on Crime On The Moon’s store on Midheaven.

Also, Lew plans to release a compilation featuring fellow Bay Area residents (or former Bay Area residents) and friends “who have collectively experienced the influx of tech companies and workers to their beloved city, forcing up the cost of living beyond what most artists can afford.” (In case you’ve been living in a hole, some folks are pretty upset about the latest wave of rising rents, evictions, and more well-to-do neighbors plaguing the City.) Dubbed San Francisco Is Doomed, the comp features contributions from Thee Oh Sees, Mikal Cronin, Erase Errata, Scraper, and many more. It will be out digitally on June 21 and cassette on June 24. Pre-order here and check out the album art (with full tracklisting) below.

San Francisco Is Doomed