Doug Gillard

Doug Gillard, Ohio-based guitarist and singer-songwriter, is set to play in San Francisco at Slim’s, supporting the Buzzcocks.

His music is power-poppy and lively, while also wistful and sincere. Gillard’s most recent release, Parade On, dropped in April, and it’s filled with songs ranging from happy-go-lucky ballads like the sing-a-long tune “Ready For Death,” to the bossa nova-like “Your Eyes.” However, throughout the entire album, Gillard’s vocals remain novocaine-like, bringing a dreamy feel that is high-inducing.

The former Guided by Voices/Nada Surf musician is able to extend past these sounds, moving towards a more rock ‘n roll feel on tracks like “On Target”, or a punk ’77 sound of his track “No Perspective.” It’s a bit all over the place, but the similar motifs through the album make it work, allowing Gillard to explore different styles, tones, melodies, rhythms, and techniques. Needless to say, Gillard is able to really keep it all consistent through the inconsistencies.

Buzzcocks, Doug Gillard
June 6, 2014
8pm, $35 (All Ages)