Brasil just released their eponymous debut album last fall, and now they’re back at it again – but this time with a much different project. Last week, the Oakland quartet dropped a live recording from an April gig at Awaken Cafe where they covered eight tracks by legendary indie band Pavement, including “Grounded”, “Gold Soundz”, “In The Mouth A Desert”, and more.

Initially reticent to play a set of solely covers, the band quickly warmed to the idea. Frontman Jasper Leach explains on Brasil’s Bandcamp (in a wonderful stream-of-consciousness narrative):

because we asked to play a cover show in oakland with battlehooch and then tom who never wants to play covers goes let’s play pavement songs and i just say yeah because everyone always compares us to pavement anyways and i try to dodge the comparison but at the same time paul and i learned how to play guitar by worshipping stephen malkmus and mike was trying to play like gary young when he started out and feels a kinship with steve west so i throw my hands up and say why fight it especially if it feels good. so we did the show and it did feel good and we played a lot of our favorites but not all since that would be impossible and we got it taped and it turned out pretty good although there are some out of tune vocals and bum notes but hey pavement was like that too after all so it all works out. these are the best songs from that night. thank you brian d for suggesting serpentine pad. – jasper

Stream and download Brasil’s live album Pavement below, and be sure to catch one of their many local live shows in the coming weeks and months, including their gig next Wednesday, June 11 at The New Parish with Gibraltar, Oceanography, and The Chasers.