Jess Williamson

Jess Williamson, the singer-songwriter from Austin, is bringing her haunting folk to The Independent.

Her new album, Native State, came out earlier this year and is making waves as a new sound for folk music. A cross between Bright Eyes and Anni Rossi, Williamson takes folk to levels that are dark, sensational, and utterly stirring. Her music is simple, usually involving as little as a banjo and vocals, but still manages to have a huge impact. The melancholic feel is combined with vivid lyrics. It’s sad, but beautiful (as almost all sad music is), and still manages to merge into a cacophony of melodic assonance that is always listenable. Her record label Brutal Honest is fitting to her style, which is as naked and bare as can be.

Native State shows the heights folk music can reach, while still remaining close to its roots. It’s simple. It’s bare. But it’s impactful, fascinating and powerful, arguably packing a stronger punch than many larger bands.

Jolie Holland, Jess Williamson
The Independent
June 11, 2014
8pm, $20 (21+)