monster treasure

Stockton’s Monster Treasure recently gave quite the performance at SF Pop Fest, alongside hard hitters Dressy Bessy, Dreamdate, and SF favorites Swiftumz. This Friday, the pop trio returns for a second San Francisco date at the Honey Hive Gallery.

The self-proclaimed creators of “pop songs with a pomegranate glaze,” Monster Treasure has been creating fuzzy, sugary tracks since 2011. The LP (the band’s debut, out this summer via Harlot) is the first example in which primary songwriters Briana Granados and Rachel Orimo wrote the songs separately and later came together to record at Nu-Tone Studios (rather than their usual style of writing as a cohesive unit).

Take their track “Over,” which is exactly what it sounds like it is: A two minute pop ditty that is the perfect soundtrack when you’re thinking about that particular ex who really pisses you off. Fast, abrasive, and distorted, the track is simple and deeply therapeutic.

The show is also the tape release for San Francisco’s Fish Breath, whose tape is due this month via Hairgrowth Records.

Monster Treasure, ORDSTRO, Fish Breath, Sad Bitch, MOMS
Honey Hive Gallery
June 6, 2014
7 p.m., $5 (all ages)