Photo: Jenn Dorn Heard

Earlier this month, Cocktails premiered the track “Bob Pollard’s Mind” on Stereogum, and today we’re oh so happy to give you a first look at the video for the same track. “Bob Pollard’s Mind” is the second track the band has shared off their forthcoming Adult Life LP, out June 17 on Father/Daughter. Here’s how Cocktails frontman Patrick Clos described his artistic vision for the shoot:

A bit of background is that we borrowed some flip cameras and go-pro’s and went to visit Ryan Rinker’s dad’s place up in Lake County, CA.. When we got there, this super nice townie lady asked if were musicians (we were carrying a bunch of acoustic guitars, haha) and if so, that we should play a local open mic night… So we told her to sign us up and we played our first ever acoustic set and included a John Fogerty cover and had a good ol time. There’s one tweaker guy that kind of dances a bit and when we saw it were all dying and knew that we had to use this as our vid. We also included a bunch of great shitty wipes and things.

Yes, in addition to the enticing open mic footage, there’s shots of the band at the Make-Out Room along with the gang having fun on the farm with barn animals, hills, an axe-wielding bigfoot, soccer balls, and cheap acoustic guitars. They’re just acting like the loveable goofs they are, and I think it’ll make you smile:

To celebrate the release of Adult Life, Cocktails are playing a great show at Bottom of the Hill with Magic Trick June 27.

Magic Trick, Cocktails, Violent Change, Big Tits
Bottom of the Hill
June 27, 2014
9pm, $10-12