Electric Strawberry

San Francisco Bay Area “kinetic rock” band Electric Strawberry just released a debut full-length that they’ve decided to premiere with The Bay Bridged.

The self-titled album is funky, fun, and jammy. The kind of classic rock n’ roll that you can imagine spinning on your record player for hours without a worry or care. On the song “Sunny Days,” lead singer Briana Gokay embarks on this amazing vocal venture, showcasing her talent and ability. Not just any band, Electric Strawberry’s sound is tight and astounding, the kind of stuff that blends older and more modern music together–unique, but nostalgic.

Their track “Who,” however, breaks away from the rest of the album. It’s a ballad of sorts, that shows how far the band can stick to, and move from, the rock genre. It’s slow and enchanting, with Gokay’s voice taking on a more folky sound that is soothing; a beautifully knit duet, the song shows the band is about more than just jamming.

“Love”, the last track on the album, is the true definition of “electric”. Bryant Miguel, Emily Gunn, and Luke Start come together, blending melody and rhythm into something utterly amazing and the best possible conclusion. It’s a cacophony of undecipherable sound that is elegant and captivating. Guitars are screaming, the drums and bass come together in a heart-dropping way; it’s intense and transcending.

The album is available for free download through their BandCamp page.