The Lost Church

The Lost Church is undergoing a makeover, and they need help to get those last few nuts and bolts in place—literally.

The biggest reason they’re renovating is to comply with San Francisco’s ADA accessibility laws (a cause near and dear to this blogger’s heart), but while they’re at it, they’ve decided to transform themselves into a fully-functional dinner theater venue. They’re also hoping to raise enough money to renovate the kitchen and get an official ABC license. They’re halfway there, but they’ve got an Indiegogo campaign going to ask for the public’s help in picking up the rest of the tab.

The Lost Church mainly hosts oddball theater events, so rest assured: this “dinner theater” won’t be the kind your dorky family has dragged you to in the past. Just look at some of the titles they’ve produced:

The Golden Goddess, Demon Dan & the Doorway to Darkness
Young Frying Rabbits Traveling Twilight Show
Just Another Murderous Family Von Trapped in a Mansion

They’ll of course continue their tradition of fostering performing arts of all kinds, from live music to book readings to film screenings.

The venue will be closing tomorrow to start work. The campaign closes on June 7th. Donate here.