David Campos Happy Hour

In order to creatively mix up awareness about the San Francisco Bay Area housing crisis, a group of bands are coming together to play a show which will double as a meet-and-greet with David Campos, a candidate for the State Assembly in the election coming up this June 3rd.

Participating local bands are Future Twin and El Terrible, with a DJ set by San Francisco staple Jamie Jams. Future Twin is a punk-psychedelic get-up that is fronted by Jean Jeanie, a powerful singer who can command a stage with her booming voice. El Terrible, a punk/new wave trio, will bring a Joy Division-esque sound to the show. And, of course, one hopes and expects that Jamie Jams will be spinning some good 90s alternative music for your dancing needs.

For the afternoon, expect some good tunes, surrounded by conversation about just how the housing crisis has affected artists, and, in particular, musicians. It may be an over-discussed, hot-button issue, but it’s an important one. (And you also get to hear free music, duh.)

Future Twin, El Terrible, DJ Jamie Jams
DNA Lounge
May 31, 2014
3pm, Free (all ages)