Luke Sweeney

Luke Sweeney, Bay Area garage pop sweetheart, is at it again. This time, with his new video for “Miss Me?” which is set for release on his upcoming full length Adventure:Us in August. The video was written & directed by Sweeney, filmed by Emily Sevin, and edited by Neal Jonas.

The fun and quirky video begins as a story of Sweeney trying to impress a girl he met one night on the beach, and then follows his pursuit to try out for bands in order to get her attention. Of course, it wouldn’t be the tell-tale love story without it taking a couple of hilarious twists and turns (Sweeney brings out a ukulele for one audition), and it wouldn’t be some of Sweeney’s characteristic work if it wasn’t paired along with great music. The song is entertaining, with just enough twang. It’s pure rock n’ roll with a catchy garage pop twist.

Also, for you Bay Area music lovers out there, check out the cameos by Bay Area bands like Social Studies, Warm Soda, Vandella, and tons of others!

Luke Sweeney, Warbler, Strange Ideas, Mark Allen-Piccolo (Mappy)
The Starry Plough
May 30, 2014
9pm, $6 (21+)