A Million Billion Dying Suns

A Million Billion Dying Suns frontman Nate Mercereau is perhaps one of the busiest performers that will grace the Phono del Sol stage July 12. In the last six months, he’s played Coachella with Banks, The Disney Hall on New Year’s Eve as part of Sheila E’s band, backed Dave Chappelle on the SFJazz stage, and most recently, he could be seen in the house band for The Maya Rudolph show.

That’s an impressive six months for anyone, but Mercereau has also released A Million Billion Dying Suns’ debut 7″, recorded a follow up 7″ to be released with Turntable Kitchen, and also plans to release their debut LP this summer. I honestly don’t know how he does it. A Million Billion Dying Suns create soaring beams of sound, shredtastic guitar solos, and lyrics about the absurdity of life, and we’re extremely stoked for their set at Phono del Sol July 14. I’ve only been able to watch AMBDS perform at the intimate and often shaky sounding Stork Club – I can’t wait to see Mercereau and his supremely talented band fill Portrero del Sol Park with their face melting sounds. All the members of AMBDS have played on some of the biggest stages imaginable, and they are all absolute pros at what they do. Do not miss these guys – get your tickets for Phono now!