Bill Baird

Since discovering Phono del Sol performer Bill Baird‘s music a little over a year ago, I’ve been a big fan of his work. Like the headline says, I think he’s a genius. An artist in every sense of the word, Baird not only creates great music ranging from straightforward pop to some of the most experimental sounds you can conceive, he produces wonderfully odd videos, creative live performances, and even invented an instrument, the Magnetetractys, which he tells me he’ll bring to Phono del Sol. On top of it all, he has a dry sense of humor that will likely fly over the heads of the masses. Oh, he also would like to produce your record, dear reader. Email him at if you’re interested. Bill tells me “I

[Bill] am a good record producer.”

I asked him what he had planned for the rest of the year, and after initially saying he had no plans, he revealed a lot of big plans:

I have no plans as of yet for the rest of the year. I am writing another multi-media operatic thing inspired by Spalding Gray, Robert Ashley, David Tudor, Nam Jun Paik, Laurie Anderson, public access television, you know, normal household stuff, if your household happens to dabble in 20th century experimental multi-media performance.

I have a couple of records i am mixing right now and look forward to releasing them. One is weirdo pop music and the other is more folky. By folky I just mean I play an acoustic guitar. It’s just a different way to express the thoughts I have in my head.

And I have another record of post-classical stuff, kinda droney, weird arrangements, mostly live recordings I did at issue project room in New York and at the Ogden museum of Southern Art in New Orleans and also since I’ve been out here in the Bay Area, working with amazing improv and new music community here.

I have some skits i want to produce down at Berkeley public access. Those will be fun.

I guess the big thing I’m looking forward to is an interactive multi-media installation in Austin Tx at a place called the Museum of Human Achievement (MOHA). I and my friend Taurin Barrera will be artists in residence, so we will be MOHAAIR, like a badly spelled version of the sweater.

Our installation will be a room constructed inside a warehouse with walls made of Saran Wrap. I mean, the room we construct will have Saran Wrap walls. Inside the room are all sorts of weird sensors and technologies including arduinos, raspberry pi, max patches, hacked kinect cameras, and stuff. There will be 15 television sets. The sight and sound of the environment will be constantly changing based on the number of people in the space, what they’re touching, doing, etc.

Taurin and I will pretend to be real estate agents, and this room will be our model home. Guests to the installation will be treated as if they are customers at a time-share meeting. We will have realtor business cards, complete with the nice glamour shot head shot and signatures and blind-white smiles.

The Living Room is what we’re calling it. And it’s a place no sane person would ever ever want to inhabit. But who knows. People are weird.

I don’t know exactly what has planned for Phono, but I know it involves his magnetetractys, some new and old pop songs, and plenty of tasteful, witty weirdness. Get your tickets now!