Adios Amigo - Erasable Truth

Adios Amigo are back with their third EP in three years. It’s called Erasable Truth and it was recorded and mixed at a friend’s home studio in Vacaville.

While Erasable Truth finds the Amigos mostly working with the indie-Americana sound they’re known for, you can also hear the band’s sound maturing and opening up in some interesting ways.

For instance, here’s the gorgeously horn-laced single, “Another Song”:

Other highlights include the EP’s first two tracks: “Hello”, which adds synths and a raucous guitar solo to the mix to great effect, and “Live On”, which rides a guitar line reminiscent of Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire”. You can stream the entire EP here:

Adios Amigo don’t have any shows booked at the moment, but they will be celebrating the release of the EP on Thursday, May 29 at The Make-Out Room, when head Amigo Johnny Major debuts his new dance rock project WHALESOUNDZ, which also features Daimian Scott, Major’s bandmate in il gato.

The Make-Out Room
May 29, 2014
7pm, $8