white lung

If you don’t remember what VHS is, you’re probably just old enough to be offended by the lo-fi quality of White Lung‘s new video “Face Down,” a track featured on their upcoming third full-length album, Deep Fantasy, which is slated for a June 17th release.  For those of you who grew up on grainy images and DIY attitude, however, you’ll probably revel in the low-budget energy, the Wayne’s World-esque backseat headbanging, the Godard jump cuts and semi-pagan, Wicker Man imagery.

The thematic styling may be a homage to cheap, grunge music videos from the early ’90s, but the music defies any specific era.  There’s some riot grrrl angst, NWOBHM guitar riffs, mid-’80s hardcore ferocity and traces of post-punk dissonance as well.  Even if you can’t sufficiently classify it, you can definitely rock out to it.

White Lung, Wax Idols
Rickshaw Stop
July 22, 2014
8pm, $10-12