Over the last two years, The Depot has stood out in the larger context of San Francisco music houses as a haven for rad shows and cheap beer down by lonely Lake Merced. Those who’ve been familiar with the SF State hang-out for longer than that remember a very different version of The Depot, one that was virtually non-existent at the start of 2011, when manager Stephanie Escoto first began working there as an intern.

“I honestly can’t remember my first show but I sure do remember how completely different it was,” describes Stephanie. “The Depot used to be just a hole in the wall next to the pub. Nobody really knew it existed. We occasionally had a decent show but mainly it would be a miracle to get 15 people to our events. All the bands that would play were very new bands, mainly freshmen/sophomore bands. At the time I just appreciated the fact that there was a space on campus where events took place and I just wanted to be a part of it.”

Since then, she has overseen shows and curated lineups that rival Friday night at The Chapel or The Rickshaw Stop. She’s helped bring artists like The Growlers, DIIV, Calvin Love, Thee Oh Sees and Mac Demarco to the school–sometimes filling the 250 capacity space with up to 500 people–and has consistently championed the music of previously unknown bands like San Francisco’s rock and roll torchbearers Cool Ghouls.  “The Depot has been my baby for the past 3 and a half years,” she explains. “It truly has been amazing to see the transformation of it becoming more of an established spot. It’s been an amazing experience and I am so grateful to all the people I met, all the bands I’ve worked with and just all the amazing times I’ve had. I am very lucky.”

Marking Stephanie’s last show at The Depot, the first and only Stephest will be held tomorrow at 5pm. Come out early and enjoy tunes by Black Cobra Vipers, Talk of Shamans, Hot Flash Heat Wave, Banshee Boardwalk and Serfs, who will all be joining Cool Ghouls in bidding farewell to the lady who, along with the help of the previous manager Gio Acosta and the assistant manager Lizzy Schliessmann, turned the makeshift venue into what it is today: “A space where people come have fun, make friends and forget about the stress of school and work. The Depot is here for everyone and all our shows are free, so that’s a plus!”

Cool Ghouls, Black Cobra Vipers, Talk of Shamans, Hot Flash Heat Wave, Banshee Boardwalk, Serfs
The Depot
May 22, 2014
5pm, FREE (all ages)