Still Have You

Times are tough for Oakland: the Warriors are moving across the Bay Bridge, tech companies prefer to keep their business in San Francisco or San Jose, and the city may very well lose Fever Charm, an indie-pop gem of a band, to the mainstream soon. With such an addictive new single, “Still Have You,” unleashed upon the world, how could they not?

It sounds a bit like something Weezer would have produced in their heyday or, if you want a reference from this particular century (you millennial snob), it could possibly pass as a joint collaboration by Grouplove and Cage the Elephant. If that big, hooky chorus doesn’t grab you, then you are, indeed, probably way too hip for this blog post. Go back to listening to that avant-garde noise act from Brooklyn you keep trying to convince yourself is the new musical revolution.  I like metal, noise and punk too, but still there’s something about pop melodies that never fail to send shivers down my spine. “Still Have You” is one of those tunes and is perfectly suited for the long, hot summer ahead.