Yi is a punk band emerging from the Oakland DIY scene. With muffled, fuzzed out vocals, Yi embraces punk with lo-fi qualities. Abound with aggressive guitar riffs, bouncy up-tempo bass lines, and a penchant for incorporating melody into their abrasive sound (sometimes), the band rips through their first full length album, Crying, released this month.

The seven-song release covers issues of public transit, self worth, and probably crying – as the album’s title may or may not denote. And if that doesn’t sweeten the pot for you, the band also enjoys a good mailing list (Yi somewhat recently denounced Facebook).

Though the band may be leaving the greater Bay Area a little while to tour the East coast starting May 24, you can email akatron@gmail.com to be put on the band’s mailing list for updates and shows. In the meantime, listen to the full album below and pick up a copy of Crying and various other releases from the band via Yi’s Bigcartel.