If you enjoy super-catchy punk-pop and you aren’t familiar with SF’s Joyride!, then you’re really missing out. The group’s self-titled LP is dynamite from top to bottom, but “City Slicker” is currently a favorite of mine. If you’ve ever had any frustrations with urban life, I think you’ll be able to identify with it too.

I found myself playing the song on repeat during a recent morning transit meltdown, with the lines “There’s not much room to breathe / I don’t blame you for wanting to leave” hitting a significant bit harder than they’d landed before. For what it’s worth, the song’s depiction of hearing everyone else’s sounds from the inside of your apartment resonates far more strongly with my time in New York than anything I’ve experienced here or elsewhere, and the references to smog call to mind our neighbors to the south, but the feeling of claustrophobia the song captures could apply to any city in a moment of weakness.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cities with all my heart — the idea of suburban or, god forbid, country living makes me especially anxious — but if you ever find yourself wanting to drown out the relentlessness of the world, I’d recommend queuing up this song and cranking the volume way too loud.