Slow SeasonSlow Season put on a pretty convincing reenactment.  Yes, this Visalia-based four-piece propagates a sound that is decidedly throwback in style and structure, thoroughly entrenched in the glory days of grandiose rock n’ roll excess, the days of double-live albums and twin guitar leads and hotel orgies involving red snappers…Not to mention all the television sets tossed into swimming pools, the drug overdoses, the debauchery on the level of 14th century Corsican pirates.  In other words, good times.

Oh, and the music was incredible too.

Maybe Slow Season hasn’t gotten around to the lurid post-show antics yet, but their songs and live sound are undoubtedly indebted to ’70s greats. Their full-length album can be downloaded for free through their website, but if you get the chance you just have to see them live.  Was that the ghost of John Bonham behind the drum set?  Was that riff as good as anything Jimmy Page stole from the devil?  You have to see it to believe it.  They can jam like Phish and hit like Sabbath, their rhythm section is one of the most dynamic I’ve ever seen, and those lengthy, wailing solos won’t leave you bored or disappointed for a second.

Now if I could only get into the after party…

Hornss, Slow Season, Black Prism
May 24, 2014
9pm, $5, 21+