Pachanga Noche

Be true to your school.  That was the name of a corny Beach Boys song from the ’60s, but today it could become a rallying cry for the nation’s tragically underfunded public school system.  As public school districts around the country are coping with government ineptitude and encroaching privatization under the guise of charter schools, it’s nice to witness a glimmer of hope provided by the local community.

In this case, such hope comes in the form of a benefit concert this Sunday at The Chapel to support San Francisco’s oldest Spanish immersion elementary school, Buena Vista/Horace Mann.  With the aid of roots/bluegrass/jazz collective Dustbowl Revival, soul stirrers Quinn DeVeaux and the Blue Beat Review, and all-female choir Conspiracy of Venus, the school hopes to raise awareness and support for its mission statement of producing students “who are not only bilingual and bi-literate, but also have a strong sense of self, purpose and place in our society.”  Buena Vista exemplifies the meaning and importance of the word ‘community,’ and they’re relying on the community to come out and support them this weekend.

Dustbowl Revival, Quinn DeVeaux and the Blue Beat Review, Conspiracy of Venus
The Chapel
May 18, 2014
$20, all ages