charlie megira
Charlie Megira at Austin Psych Fest, 5/4/14 (photo courtesy of indierockgirl)

Charlie Megira‘s long-awaited, first-ever US tour is coming to a close.  Before he heads home to Berlin, Tel Aviv or Mars, catch him Tuesday, May 13th, in Oakland at The Church (7pm, early show, 24th and Linden, with King Lollipop and Penny Machine) and Wednesday May 14th at the Make Out Room (6pm, early show, with Pre-legendary and Pleasure Gallows).

charlie megira
Charlie Megira at Vacation, 4/28/14

Megira started his tour right here in SF at Vacation on April 28th.  Although it was the first night of the tour with little rehearsal time, the show was fantastic. The highlight was an unexpected cover of Joy Division’s “Heart and Soul.”  With his beautiful Eko guitar, tux and shades, Charlie is completely mesmerizing.  His kick ass, surfy guitar licks are comforting like Valium, and the band for this tour compliments very well. On bass is Michael Beach, best known for his work with Shovels, Electric Jellyfish and Colossal Yes (and his solo stuff is also dope).  And on drums, the talented Alexa Pantalone from PANG and Penny Machine. After two shows in SF (April 29th was at the Night Light), the band toured the southwest with a stop at the Austin Psych Fest.

charlie megira vacation 2

Charlie Megira

The Bay Bridged’s Ruby Perez interviewed Megira, whose album Love Police she described as “an extraordinary collection of tracks that, with each listen, unravel into a splendid surrealist work of surf, punk, and noise.”

The Bay Bridged: For those who don’t know, who is Charlie Megira?

Charlie Megira: A sun that shines backwards

BB: You’re originally from Israel, has growing up there had any influence on yourself as an artist?

CM: I was born and raised in the Bet She’an Valley near the Jordan river. The water there is sweet. As a kid we used to collect wild dogs and paint them with black stripes and run into town. I saw a crow spit on a cat.

BB: Tell us about Love Police, every track on that album is incredibly dynamic and diverse. How did the concept of that work come together?

CM: Obedience. The highest form of obedience. To be able to carry out no action at all.

BB: In the coming together of the album, did you have any specific musical influences guiding you? 

CM: Million Dead Cops

BB: For those that have never been acquainted with your work before, how would you describe your sound?

CM: Poor

BB: This is your first U.S. tour: Would you mind telling us a little about it? How are you feeling? Is there anything your particularly excited about with these dates?

CM: Finally getting to meet some real friends. Lisa Youn took us to see the veterinary care center on 6666 Santa Monica blvd and yesterday I saw Anthony Gonzzalez, wow. 

BB: Guitars & Bongos handles the domestic imprint of Love Police, how did you first become involved with the Oakland based label?

CM: By tossing my dreaming body into a ring of fire that burns like love

BB: Is there anything you’re particularly excited about doing in the San Francisco during your free time?

CM: Getting a treatment at Hair & Nails Saloon

BB: Do you have any favorite local Bay Area artists you plan on connecting/working with now that you’ve made it out to the Bay Area? 

CM: Michael Beach. Alexa Pantalone. 

BB: You’re backing back composes of local solo artist Michael Beach and Alexa Pantalone of Pang, how did you first become involved in working with them?

CM: Eran who runs Guitars and Bongos made it all happen. I already knew Michael. We got some mutual friends. And I got to know Alexa through Eran. I should be so lucky. Lucky, lucky, lucky. I should be so lucky, lucky in love.

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Michael Beach & Alexa Pantalone at Vacation, 4/28/14