Connan Mockasin - tour

It hasn’t been four months since Connan Mockasin last played in San Francisco, yet the psych-pop artist’s next show approaches quickly at The Independent on Thursday, May 15th.

I first discovered Connan Mockasin late in the game, last December. By that time, his sophomore album Caramel had already been released, but it was his video for “Forever Dolphin Love” that I first stumbled upon, with its incredibly striking (frightening? hilarious?) five minute intro breaking into the somber meat of the song. “Forever Dolphin Love” stuck with me in a way reserved for a special few songs.

By the time of his show at Bottom of the Hill a month later, I had delved into Connan Mockasin’s second album too, released via the prolific Mexican Summer label in 2013. Full of falsetto R&B and sultry innuendos, Mockasin creates a bridge between absurd art-rock and a bluntly ironic humor – and it suits him well. It’s no surprise that native tastemaker Yours Truly nabbed Connan for one of their video features, capturing “Do I Make You Feel Shy?” between thick layers of foliage at Social Print Studio in the SOMA district.

His live performance is just as coy as it is strange, both highly interactive and completely inimitable. Connan Mockasin and his band put on one of my favorite live shows, definitely worth checking out before the New Zealander heads back home.

Connan Mockasin, Kirin J Callinan, Liam Finn
The Independent
May 15, 2014
9pm, $15