Battlehooch Video

Do you like kaleidoscopes? Modern Dancers? If that’s the case, then San Francisco denizens Battlehooch want to take you on a psychotropic adventure with their newest video for “Yeah, That” off of their latest LP, Hot Lungs.

The video, artfully crafted by Blake Boxer, offers delightfully trippy kaleidoscopic imagery featuring a gaggle of dancers moving their way throughout the video. Much like their music, the video combines psychedelia and modernity to create a well-crafted and stunning work of art.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, the band is headlining a show at the Chapel in San Francisco on May 30th with the likes of Tartufi and Vanwave. This show will feature Battlehooch as “Battlehooch Orchestra,” which is Battlehooch + full Horn Section + backup singers + more.

The Battlehooch Orchestra, Tartufi, Vanwave
The Chapel
May 30, 2014
9pm, $15