Melted Toys LP

Melted Toys have announced their self-titled debut LP, to be released on July 15th via New Jersey label Underwater Peoples. The record is a long time coming, a lengthy five years after the group’s commencement, and three years after the release of their debut Washed & Dried EP.

Melted Toys isn’t just the culmination of a handful of years as a band. It’s the story of a group of San Francisco natives; of a laptop containing years of musical material left on a BART train; of a later relocation to Los Angeles; and of vocalist and guitarist Steven Harkins’ journey in China, where he wrote half of the songs on the album.

The record is one of shadowy dream pop music, reminiscent of late ‘80s era FELT. Melted Toys was mixed by Rusty Santos, known for his engineering work on Animal Collective’s Sung Tongs. Feast your ears on the first single, “Blush”.