A Million Billion Dying Suns by Mathew Eloy
Photo: Matthew Eloy

We know we’ve had a lot to say about A Million Billion Dying Suns this week. Here’s some more: the LA/SF band released an epic (and we mean that in both the strictest and the slangiest sense of the word) new video this week for the single “Hey Man.” We wanted to save the best for last. Things get epic at about 1:30.

Produced in collaboration with SF video collective French Press Films, “Hey Man” comes from the band’s 2013 EP, Strawberry EP.

With yesterday’s date at The Make-Out Room under their belt, AMBDS will play another Bay Area date at downtown SF’s Converse Store on the 22nd.

A Million Billion Dying Suns
The Converse Store
May 22, 2014
all ages, free