The Horde and The Harem

The self-proclaimed music collective The Horde and The Harem is a folk-rock group that has tons of styles mixed into their music. The Seattle-based group’s newest release, Fairweather Friends, is filled with uplifting guitar riffs, alluring vocals, and a sound that is all around melodic and enticing.

“Shiver,” the second track on the EP, is beautifully orchestrated, a male-female duet accompanied by a melancholic piano, while tracks like “Salutations” are ukulele odes that are whimsical and fun. The last track on the album, a 10-minute song a roller coaster ride of genres combined into one masterpiece. It’s a journey of its own that arguably deserves its own release.

All in all, this band has got it. Whatever that is, I have yet to decide, but they definitely have it.

The Horde and The Harem, The Buttercream Gang, Sun Monks
Hotel Utah
May 8, 2014
9pm, $8 (21+)