Teenager, the solo act of Bevan Herbekian, just dropped his debut full-length album, The Magic of True Love, after a series of staggered single releases and bated anticipation.

The release is, in the most concise and descriptive way, an eclectic and yearning piece of work, with elements of pop, rock ‘n roll, and hints of other genres. The album’s opening track, “The Shadow (What Luck)” is an anthemic song filled with road trip reminiscent soundscapes and a sun-kissed tone. Other tracks, such as “The Magic of True Love” are kept to minimal instrumentation, and filled with descriptive storytelling. While some tracks, such as “Big Squeeze” take on a more 80’s new wave feel, with a Bowie-esque sound that is raw, electric, and absolutely fun. Imagine a big band feel combined with a new modern twist. Yeah, isn’t that something?


Certain things are for sure for this one-man act: his vocal talents, utilization of piano and guitar to create a heaping sound, and addictive combination of genres across the ethereal music spectrum. It all comes together in a way that is invigorating.

This release may be Teenager’s first, but I sure as hell hope it’s not his last.