'Nights Like These' EP Cover

It’s a slightly misleading name: there’s nothing yawn-inducing about their music at all. I suppose that’s where the ‘yelling’ part comes in.  Ha, I get it.  Sort of.

Instead of soporific, A Yawn Worth Yelling writes tunes that are sugary and spontaneous, full of joy, longing and all those other emotions that fit perfectly into indie-rock song structures.  The band takes musical cues from contemporaries like Grouplove, Young the Giant and The Love Language, but they put their own original spin onto the alternative pop/rock genre.  New single “Heart Stuck” emphasizes that fact perfectly with its bouncing drumbeat, deliriously catchy chorus and euphonic chord changes.

Their new EP Nights Like These drops today.  Elaborating on the creative process behind the new set of songs, guitarist Brayden Deskins says, “We wrote these songs about the special nights that we never want to end, the nights we want to have for the rest of our lives, the nights we want people to listen to our music.”  I’m sure this San Jose-based four-piece would like to spend a few nights with you, the reader, too.  See them live sometime as they plan on touring extensively behind their new release.