Emerging from Cyclops Island — or, if you want to be humorless about it, Oakland and Portland — Cyclops is the garage punk duo of Tina Lucchesi (TrashWomen/Bobby Teens/Midnight Snaxxx/countless others) and Jonnycat (Chemicals, Jonnycat Records). The band’s Escape from Cyclops Island LP is arriving soon, preceded by this new video for “Eye of the Storm/Night of the Cyclops,” which was directed by Chris Anderson and Tiger Lily.

The over-the-top costumes call to mind a sword-and-sandal epic, and it wouldn’t feel entirely surprising if Hercules leaped into frame to battle these monsters of rock. As it stands, unencumbered by opposition, the duo prowls a beach before serving up some loud, primal rock and roll by an open fire.

With the new LP coming soon, Cyclops is headed to Europe in May. Dig those dates below:

4-25 NYC @ Grand Victory
5-3 Paris, France @ La Mechanic
5-4 Perpignan, France @ Lionel Music Action
5-9 Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy @ Muzak Club
5-11 Livorno, Italy
5-17 Bucine, Italy @ Spectre Club
5-18 Salsomaggiore, Italy BAM! Fest
5-22 Munich, Germany @ Sudstadt
5-23 Liepzig, Germany @ Soro
5-24 Berlin, Germany @ Auster Club