RNB millionaires

Justin Loans and Jay Casio, aka Oakland party rappers RNB Millionaires have dropped a couple of solo projects lately that you need to get to know. Last week Jay Casio released Water Based, a dreamy, syrupy, autotune laced trip that you should put on in your Oakland apartment among passed out partiers at the end of the weekend as the sun comes up . Casio’s partner in crime, Justin Loans makes a solid guest appearance, as do Safe and everyone’s favorite youngster, Sad Andy.

Back in February, Justin Loans shared his video for “Hunger Games”, a track off his 2013 How to Fake it in America EP. It’s well done but not polished, it will probably make you laugh, maybe ask “are these guys for real?”, then maybe shock you a bit in a NSFW closing scene. In other words, it’s a nice intro to the Oakland party rap scene if you aren’t familiar.

RNB Millionaires are currently in the studio with plans to release a handful of singles and an album, JJ Fish, later this year.