Animal Hours 'Do Over' Cover

The conception of SF singer-songwriter Orion Letizi, Animal Hours produces darkly enticing pop music with hints of folk and Americana skirting around the edges. Take “Submarine,” a track off their debut album Do Over: gorgeous harmonies bolstering a haunting chorus, swooning strings and a lachrymose guitar line that’s sure to pull at the heartstrings.  It’s a song you listen to with the lights off, just you and the contemplative melody, wholly embracing that sadly-sweet darkness and letting the music lead you through it.

Produced by Jason Carmer, the LP, which was released only a few short weeks ago, is, in the band’s words, “a collection of nine songs about losing everything we were to find exactly what we need.”  I couldn’t have put it better, and I’m a writer, so that makes me sort of question why I even bother doing this sometimes.  Oh yeah, I get free, great music from some awesome local bands.

Check out their video for the tune “Yellow Roses” and visit their website for more mp3 samples.