Hank Richardson

Hank Richardson just dropped a new single titled “Favorite Singer” off of his forthcoming LP. This is the newest release from Richardson since his last album Fanclub.

Richardson’s music is best described as lo-fi and straightforward. His vocals are simplistically somber, but beautiful. In this new track, found on a cassingle that also includes the B-side “You Can Get Hurt,” Richardson delivers a catchy intro guitar riff that is reminiscent of ’50s rock n’ roll and doo-wop, but with an added layer of modernity in his vocals. The track is definitely a catchy one.

“Favorite Singer” gives the feel of watching an old video of San Francisco in the summer made on a 8mm camcorder – it’s surreal, transcendent, and just enough to get you moving slightly along. Hank Richardson’s new album is set for release in late May/early June, so keep an eye out.