Fever Charm

Fever Charm‘s deliriously catchy new single “Moonshine” is yet another reason why the future of the Bay Area music scene arguably lies across the bridge.  Oh, let me specify: the Bay Bridge.

This Oakland-based four-piece makes what virtually every single lazy blogger out there will inevitably label ‘indie pop,’ an atrociously tenuous blanket term used to describe any sound neither mainstream enough for the Katy Perry audience nor edgy/grungy/scuzzy enough for the Ty Segall-worshiping quasi-punk kids.  If the universe made any sort of logical sense (c’mon Neil deGrasse Tyson, quite hoarding all the answers, we know you have them!), “Moonshine” would already be climbing the Billboard charts.

Building with a seductive bass groove, an airtight drumbeat and blue-eyed soul falsetto, the song shoots into the stratosphere when singer Arieh Berl unleashes a passionately intense voice somewhat reminiscent of Superchunk’s Mac McCaughan (which is definitely a compliment because Superchunk is awesome) and Theo Quayle kicks in with that ripping guitar line near the three minute mark.  It balances that fine line between charming pop and seething rock with an ease that belies their years on this planet.  Kids today–thankfully, some of them still give me hope in the future of rock n’ roll.

Fever Charm’s latest EP, which was produced by Matt Noveskey in Austin, TX and Jonathon Devoto in Jingletown Studios, will be released in mid-May and you can catch them live at the Oaklandish Store in Oakland (obviously) for First Fridays on June 6th.