Nobunny, Cyclops

As April 20 steadily approaches, one has many options as to what they might do on such a date (and holiday related to an illegal substance or something). So as you’re forced to make a choice as to what you might do, consider this: Masked rabbit man Nobunny is playing an early show at the Knockout in San Francisco with the likes of the one-eyed garage punk duo Cyclops, Pookie & the Poodlez, and power pop bands Primitive Hearts and So What.

This will be Cyclops’ last show before they embark on their European tour. The duo, comprised of Tina Lucchesi from Midnite Snaxxx and The Bobbyteens and Jonny Cat from The Chemicals, play a gritty amalgamation of garage rock, lo-fi, and punk. They have a one-sided seven-inch coming out May 15 on Italian label Surfin Ki’ Records. Check out “Eye Has Spoken” – a track from the one-sided seven-inch – below:

And if that track doesn’t have you entirely persuaded to attend this event, listen to Pookie & the Poodlez’s saccharine-sweet Fuckboyz cover, “Hallucinating” off their The Last Thing I Did As A Teenager EP.

Nobunny, Cyclops, Pookie & the Poodlez, Primitive Hearts, So What
The Knockout
April 20, 2014
3pm, $7 (21+)