The She's - Dreamers EP

There are so many pieces about The She’s out there that go for the angle of an inspiring story about teenage girls playing music. But when you strip away gimmicks of age and gender, The She’s are still a talented group of musicians who are constantly growing and advancing musically. Take the band’s latest and long-awaited EP, Dreamers, which is out today. This EP is proof.

The opening track “My Secret to Keep”, starts out with the essential elements that the band is known for: Sunny pop laden with vocal harmonies. But in the interest of trying new things, the band plays with jam band characteristics as they go on a bleary (yet delightful) psych-infused solo for a good portion of the track.

The track “Dream Girl” has the feel of a ’60s girl group sound, but updated and modernized. “Mystery” is less sunny in lyrical content, but still has the kicky choruses that The She’s are known for. Talking about inner demons and romantic troubles, it’s far darker than what some may expect from the band. But the most impressive track is “Lots to Hide”. Taking of third-person narrative songwriting, the song is the cherry on top to the dark but eternally sunny release, Dreamers.

Be sure to see The She’s play their record release party at the Rickshaw Stop on April 18 alongside TV Girl, Lemme Adams and Cocktails.

TV Girl, The She’s, Lemme Adams, Cocktails
The Rickshaw Stop
April 18, 2014
8:30pm, $12