Next week, Professional Fans will be holding a showcase featuring Portland trio WL. The band’s an experimental shoegaze-esque group that is fronted by the addictingly lo-fi and reverbed vocals of bassist Misty Mary. WL’s music is slow, incandescent and uncomplicated – but still manages to grasp your eardrums and not let go until the very last note. The rhythm section is firm and consistent, without any otherworldly showmanship, but rather a testament toward the beauty of easy texture. The synths and small hints of guitar take center stage – creating the overall feel and quality of a musical mosaic. Some songs, like “It Doesn’t Matter,” are harder and faster, but maintain a continuing feel of enchantment throughout.

How does one describe the sounds of WL? I guess that’s the question I’m usually supposed to answer, but it seems there’s a freedom that allows them to create their own sound. In any event, they’re definitely worth taking the time to check out.

WL, There’s Talk, Surf Club
The Night Light
April 21, 2014
8pm, $7 (all ages)