New Spell

Bay Area trio New Spell are bringing a dark indie pop sound to their newest track, “Watching Waiting,” leading toward the release of their upcoming EP, Songs We Wrote For Thee.

“Watching Waiting” is dreamy and somber, with lead singer Leanne Kelly’s vocals bringing a dazed-out, airy and beautiful feel. The piano and musical array holds a longing-esque feel, like something you’d hear out of your favorite bummer movie. The song is simple, but emotionally (and mostly depressingly) complex. The lyrics “Can’t wait until it all makes sense / See how the story ends” resonate with one’s deepest, darkest, and most real parts of one’s self. It’s a lot to handle, maybe, but definitely an alluring experience that is a privilege to feel.

Mammoth Life, Animal Friend, New Spell
Milk Bar
April 18, 2014
8:30pm, $8, 21+