Sweat Lodge Show

As many may know, this Sunday (April 20), marks the date of a certain ornamental holiday that may or may not involve the use of marijuana. So what better way than to spend a 420’s night than go to a show?

Shirley Sparks, Ping Pong Booking and Hemlock Tavern offer you a show with local pow wow punks Sweat Lodge, Texans Ghetto Ghouls and resident sludge punks Asthma.

Asthma is a relatively new band from San Francisco that plays a brand of (aforementioned) sludgy punk. With menacing guitar riffs and drowned out and aggressive vocals in tow, the band came out with a few new songs last month. Listen to “Doom City” below – with its dirty, raucous nature, it’s hard not to bob your head along to this tune:

Also up for the task of playing a 420 show is Ghetto Ghouls. The Austin, Texas garage rockers are making rounds on the West coast to promote their new self-titled album on Monofonus Press.

Then there’s Sweat Lodge. The San Francisco band is slacker punk perfected. Late last year the band came out with a tape dubbed 2013 on Arizona label Related Records. Listen to the album’s excellent, up-tempo opening track below:

Sweat Lodge, Ghetto Ghouls, Asthma
Hemlock Tavern
April 13, 2014
9pm, $5 (21+)