Peelander Z Gnarboots

Gird your loins. Peelander-Z and San Jose’s Gnarboots are joining forces for a night in San Francisco.

If you’ve never seen either of these bands live, you’re in for an…experience. Two bands that take “rock as theater” to the extreme, both Peelander-Z and Gnarboots are all-out attacks on the senses. Peelander-Z are a blast of almost unbearably upbeat rock ‘n’ roll where the games (human bowling, anyone?) are just as integral to the show as the music, and the last time I saw Gnarboots they brought out a kindergarten-gym-class parachute and read the audience a story underneath it.

It’s a lucky thing that DNA Lounge has enough square footage to truly accommodate their live act–both bands have been known to pack their mayhem into smaller spaces, with chaotic results. Expect to wake on April 18th with bruises you don’t remember getting and a vague memory of being screamed at by a shirtless man the night before.

In the meantime, you can check out Gnarboots’ Dark Moon, released in February and surprisingly normal, below.

Far less physical, but no less fun chiptune outfit Crashfaster supports.

Peelander-Z, Gnarboots, Crashfaster
DNA Lounge
April 17, 2014
8pm, $15 (all ages)