Burnt Ones release party

Burnt Ones, though originally from Indianapolis, Indiana have long been a staple in the San Francisco music scene. And on April 12 they will be delivering their brand of reverb-filled, psych-rock influenced garage rock to the “masses” at Brick & Mortar Music Hall in celebration of their new LP on Castle Face Records, Gift.

And the release party wouldn’t be as legitimate if they didn’t have a host of other local acts, such as punks Useless Eaters, post punks Violent Change, and local DJs Al Lover and William Keihn.

In the meantime, take the track “Spell Breakers” from Gift into heavy consideration. It’s decidedly more psych-rock than their previous releases and the perfect Spring jam.


Burnt Ones, Useless Eaters, Violent Change, Al Lover, William Keihn
Brick & Mortar Music Hall
April 12, 2014
9pm, $5 (18+)