Brothers Weiss

There are very few things I know about San Diego other than that’s where Anchormen is set, it’s where the Padres play and where, I’m assuming, everyone is blonde and treats surfing more like a religion than a hobby.  Thankfully Kevin Weiss, drummer from San Diego-based rock band Brothers Weiss, was able to enlighten me about the city and its thriving music scene: “It’s really awesome right now.  Classic rock, surf rock, psychedelic, it’s all huge out there.  Bands like Get Back Loretta, Barbarian, Transfer, Oh Spirit…I’m sure the Bay Area would dig all those groups.”

Hear that Bay Area?  Start Googling.  But be sure to Google the Brothers Weiss first because they will be at the Milk Bar tonight, touring behind their debut EP, Conversations.  And if you like their brand of rock n’ roll that is heavy on groove and riffs, influenced by everything from classic rock staples like Led Zeppelin to modern-day indie darlings Local Natives, you will, indeed, dig those other San Diego rockers as well.

The band is compromised of brothers Ryan and Kevin Weiss along with longtime friend and bandmate from previous projects Miguel Ramirez.  They formed in early 2013, all of them veterans of the local music scene, with the brothers playing on and off together for years.  The band’s current incarnation, Kevin said, is the best yet.  “It all felt really natural,” he explained, “Once Miguel came aboard, things just kinda fell into place.”

Knowing the contentious histories of so many family-based bands populating rock lore (Oasis, The Allman Brothers, The Kinks, Kings of Leon, etc. — let’s see how many you can name!), I had to ask how much resentment drives their creative process.  “We get along fine,” he replied with a laugh, “and any creative disagreements we have can be found in any band, related by blood or not.  Plus we always have Miguel to serve as mediator if need be.”

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The other big difference between the trio and most bands: their day jobs.  Usually, ‘day job’ is that dirty reality most musicians have to slave away at in record stores or coffee shops, after long nights out and early mornings up, just to pay the bills until they get that big break.  These guys, on the other hand, have pretty impressive resumes: Kevin is an elementary chess teacher, Miguel is a youth symphony director, and Ryan is working towards his PhD in chemistry.  How the hell did they possibly find the time not only to record an EP, but also to tour the California coast?  “Luckily we all have flexible professions,” Kevin said, “It gives us enough time to pursue our passion for music.  Would we like it to one day be a full time thing?  Of course, but right now we’re happy where we are at.”

And I’m happy Kevin also told me the band plans to release another EP at the end of spring/beginning of summer.  Hopefully a full-length is on the horizon as well.

Solwave, The Bad Jones, Brothers Weiss, Madie Boyd
The Milk Bar
April 9th, 2014
8pm, $5, 21+