Pang - Young Professionals

After releasing a truly superb single dubbed “Attention Deficit” all the way back in 2012, Pang is coming back with a 5-song EP called Young Professionals on Grazer Records.

The Oakland-based girl band maintains post punk and ’77-style punk sensibilities. On Young Professionals, the band keeps with a cool sense of composure, paired with a gnawing sense of urgency. Case in point: The song (and namesake of the EP) “Young Professionals”. Documenting the struggles of being a 9-to-5er, the song’s calling card is its bouncy bass line punctuated with exuberant screams.

Pang will be playing their record release show among the ranks of local chainsaw pop band Terry Malts and post punk outfit Cold Beat at Bottom of the Hill April 10.  If you can’t pick up a copy in person, don’t worry – Young Professionals is available for purchase on the Grazer Records website.

Terry Malts, Pang, Cold Beat
Bottom of the Hill
April 10, 2014
9pm, $10 (21+)