The members of Owls have been around for over two decades, but despite their long existence, they only had one record before last week’s Two, their sophomore release. The Chicago band (which is signed to local label Polyvinyl) will also tour a few dates in California including one at Bottom of the Hill in June.

For the new album, the band re-ignited complex relationships (and at times, fell back into old bad habits) but were eventually able to complete Two thanks to sheer drive and inspiration. Vocalist Tim Kinsella said, “The line ‘We’ve never had nice stuff’ (on “Ancient Stars Seed”) feels good to sing because we really are still a grubby foursome with broken equipment and no money and I see these shitty young bands every day with pedal boards and no ideas.”

The video below, for single “I’m Surprised…” follows the band though a dark card game with implied high stakes, with the members shrouded in shadows and odd lighting angles. Check out the sinister video, which premiered on SPIN, and info on their tour date in San Francisco below.

Owls, Into It. Over It.
Bottom of the Hill
June 26, 2014
9 pm, $15