The Electric Magpie

The Electric Magpie, a household name in the Bay Area psych-garage rock scene, is revving up to release their debut full-length on April 15th via one of Los Angeles’ newest labels, Lolipop Records.

The ten-track album is electric, addicting, and raw. One classic from the band, “What’s for Tea?”, the simple lo-fi track with a choir chorus, is featured on the album with a mix of new tracks. The track “Mourning Gloria” is a poppy-sounding song with a more classic rock feel. There are some psychedelic synths and a more uplifting guitar presence. The band effectively combines elements from tons of genres, but makes nostalgic sounding music that is familiar but vastly different. “Bird in the Trees” is a much more Lou Reed sounding song, where “Airport Blues” is a much more rock, early ’70s sounding song that is heavy, groggy, and head-bang inducing. But even with all that, The Electric Magpie doesn’t stop there. Their track “Springtime Ease” is a soft, experimental track that is different from the rest – but still somehow works within the album as a whole.

It’s this talent the band has that really makes them stand out from a number of other bands in the saturated psych-rock scene – the ability to really mix these genres together, mess with them, put them together, and in some cases, even ignore them completely while still keeping their own sound.

The last track on Begins, “Day is Done”, is undoubtedly my favorite. Imagine a Beatles-esque outro song, where melodies are taken from the ’60s, morphed together with a nostalgic chorus, and melted into a mesmerizing song that’s reminiscent – of what, I don’t think anyone really knows – but nonetheless beautiful and enthralling.

The Electric Magpie has some great things ahead of them. The duo turned band has tread paths thus far into a pretty stuffed genre, but has managed to make a name for themselves – and it’s very apparent why that’s the case.