The Shrine

Loudness–some bands think this can be achieved simply by turning up the volume knobs on their amps or hitting drumheads as hard as humanly possible.  That’s wrong. Loud is not the mere measurement of decibel levels; it is a state of being.  Without the attitude, skill and unwavering commitment to back it up, you’re just another obnoxious band that doesn’t understand the importance of dynamics.

The Shrine is not a loud band, but a band that is loud, wholly embodying all the fury and force that comes with such a label.  I first saw these guys perform about two years ago when I was living in their native Los Angeles, getting my brain melted and nerves shattered at a gloriously dingy, hip venue called the Bootleg Theater out in Silverlake.  Though I may have lost some 9th grade algebra that night, my memory apparently remained intact as their sound stayed with me long after that show ended.  Scouring the lineup for the Oakland Metro’s upcoming punk/metal (and brilliantly titled) extravaganza Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze 2, I immediately noticed their name amongst the already stellar lineup.  That’s saying something when you’re sharing a bill with bands like Municipal Waste, Kicker and Fucked Up.

I’m sure the SoCal trio has heard the following comparison from way too many blogs and print publications by now, but here it is again for the uninitiated: The Shrine play music that combines the raw aggression of Black Flag with the massive, sinister riffage of Black Sabbath.  It’s the kind of music that harkens back to heavy metal’s dazed and confused past, a nostalgic ode to long hair and bad attitude, when rock n’ roll was still able to truly terrify parents, teachers, cops and all those other stoic symbols of authority. It’s a little bit punk, a little bit metal, and a whole lot loud.

The group just released their new album Bless Off on March 11th and you should really get your hands on it.  Check out how “Tripping Corpse” kicks more ass in three minutes than most ‘rock’ bands do on an entire album.  Don’t miss this band as they thrash their way through the East Bay.

Municipal Waste, Negative Approach, Fucked Up, Impaled, The Shrine, Kicker, Conquest for Death
Oakland Metro
April 19th, 2014
7pm, $24, all ages